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      Birthday Recap – personal

      Hi There!!

      Incase you didn’t know, my birthday was sunday!! And i just love how my husband and kiddos spoil me every year :p Last year i was pregnant with my chunky girl, and Dan took me to the beautiful Cape Charles on the Eastern Shore. It was just awesome!! This year was even better because I got to celebrate another year older with BOTH my babies here!! They made me super yummy cupcakes [strawberry vanilla bean!], wrapped a couple presents for me and sang happy birthday! 🙂 My heart is SO FULL!! Hubby and I got a spectacular date night, we went to dinner and then to the Outcry Tour in DC to worship the Lord with over 20 THOUSAND other people. It was such a humbling experience, to feel God’s presence there embracing each and every one of us, to worship with my husband by my side, and all my brothers and sisters in Christ <3 To know that we are never alone and we are LOUDER TOGETHER!! Thank you love, for the best birthday!! Here are some cell phone pictures :p i was a bad photographer and left the big camera at home!


      haha my face when he started ripping open MY gift :p little stinker!!


      this is a super awkward pose a stranger took, but the only one we have together lol!




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