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      Preparing for the homebirth!! l personal



      I feel like i havent posted in months!! But it has only been a couple weeks, lol!! I have been SOOO busy preparing for our birth!! I decided i would post a blog and share how we are preparing for our homebirth and what i have learned in the preparation part so far!


      My wonderful parents gifted me a maid to deep clean my house before our birth, she did a great job!! I definitely recommend Hanks Helping Hands!! I also am having some carpet cleaning professionals come tomorrow to ensure our carpet is free of dirt dander and pet allergies/stains before baby arrives! I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders just having those two things done. We have the birth pool ready to go, a lead free hose to fill it up, and ive made little baskets and put inspiration up around the house to keep me prepared and focused. Praying it works!! πŸ™‚ I also have created a music playlist of songs i would like to listen to during labor, i have water bottles waiting in the freezer for rolling on my back wrapped in towels, tennis balls in socks for massage, my big purple exercise ball, and of course my bible nearby to keep my encouraged! I admit, i am a little scared of the pain and having no medication this time around, but i know i am strong and i can do it, especially with the support of my husband and midwifery team!

      Dan and I are using the Bradley MethodΒ of pain management and we even took a 12 week class to help prepare us for any and all situations, it was great because it taught us both how to recognize unnecessary pain and different positions and stretches/exercises for dealing with pain naturally. It also helped him to recognize my tense spots and my likes/dislikes as well as recognize my fears and how to handle them. If you would like a natural birth, at home or not, you MUST take the bradley classes!!! Here are a few pictures i took to show how i prepared our home for bringing a beautiful miracle into this world!! <3


      our cute little gender neutral onesies for the midwife birth kit that is in my living room!

      this is our birth kit, it has lots of chux pads, baby mittens, a couple outfits, a heating pad with a pillow case and receiving blankets [to keep baby warm] a pool liner for the birth pool, sterile items the midwife will need like gloves and lubricant, an underwater flash light, hand sanitizer and a hose adapter for the sink! πŸ™‚

      and the face big brother Owen made when i told him to say cheese πŸ™‚

      This is my “post partum” basket, it has those lovely undies the hospital gives you [ladies with kids, you know what im talking about!! LOL] as well as witch hazel, breastfeeding supplies, the ink kit for the babes feet, arnica tablets for bruising soreness and bleeding, a labor “helper” tincture and an after pains tincture [again..ladies with kiddos you know the pain of afterpains!!]

      also in our room we have more fresh blankets, fresh sheets, & diapers and wipes!

      The birth pool will be set up in the living room, so i have my wall of inspiration up here for while im laboring, i can glance at it and remember why i am doing this and who i am doing it for πŸ™‚


      Thats it!! Hopefully the next post will be an announcement!!



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      • Laura Thompson - October 21, 2014 - 3:35 pm

        Looks great! Can’t wait for the little one to arrive! πŸ™‚ You are going to do great, just remember that you are going to have such a sweet reward after all of the work! The one thing I kept telling myself during labor was that it would not last forever!ReplyCancel

        • admin - October 24, 2014 - 2:54 pm

          Thank you!! <3ReplyCancel

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