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      Hey guys!!


      I got some super exciting news! SMP will be undergoing a completely new look!! I am so excited to be working with the beautiful and talented Jennifer from Mesmerizing Moments! I have never really been happy with my previous brand, it was so generic and just no *me*. Its so hard to talk about yourself and what you want your brand to look like and represent, but i thought a lot about it and i definitely want my brand to be encouraging to others, uplifting and just being able to make someone smile when they visit my site would mean a lot to me! I also want my brand to just feel refreshing, like a nice cold glass of peach lemonade on a hot summer day! Ahh that sounds so nice right about now..spring..where are you?!?! And lastly, I really would like it to feel romantic, I want my future couples to just feeeeel the love when they visit my site! My style of photography is romantic and light and airy [or i try to make it that way :p] but i really want my website to just make you feel at home and cozy and so very loved!! I hope we can accomplish those things during this process!! I am going to share some of my┬áinspiration for my new blogsite, I hope you guys love it and visit often! ­čÖé

      We are also updating our computers! Finally time to say goodbye to PC and hello to iMac! My PC has been great to me so far, but it just cant keep up with my thousands of raw files and i need a better / faster workflow. SOOO excited!!!


      credit : pinterest of course!





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