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      Surviving the 3’s and the first week of PRE-k!

      Three years ago, on the evening of August 28th, during hurricane Irene, we had no power, no AC, no cell phones [they died lol] no lights, nothing!!  There I was, 39 weeks pregnant, sweeping the floors and cleaning up the house, since there was nothing better to do at the time! I had a funny feeling, I felt sick and dizzy while I was cleaning, so I called my husband and told him to help me to the bed to lay down. After a short nap I woke up feeling worse! So off to he hospital we went, downed trees and branches in our way, no lights on at any of the stores or gas stations we passed, it just felt and looked so creepy outside and the wind was insane!! After I got checked in at the hospital they started some tests, turns out my blood pressure was pretty high, probably due to the drop in pressure from the hurricane! The Dr tells me that they are keeping me over night and will induce me in the morning, just to be safe, one of my biggest pregnancy fears was being induced, I did not want medical intervention at all to avoid the risk of unnecessary C section! Jesus heard my prayers that night because my water broke and within 6 hours my sweet 8lb 2oz baby boy was born!! It feels like yesterday, I cant believe he is THREE already!! We had a fun birthday morning with waffles, balloons, a gift, and talking about his pirate party that was Saturday! The party was held at the Childrens Museum of Fredericksburg, and was 100% DIY budget friendly!! I bought all the supplies and games and even his costume [only 6 bucks!] on Amazon! {thank goodness for prime!!} Heres a small gallery to show some fun stuff we did at his party and on his birthday! 🙂

      The first picture is Owen on his 1st, 2nd, and 3rd birthday 🙂



      With age three comes preschool! Talk about a nervous wreck I was, my heart was beating fast as I took him to his teacher on the first day.  I kept telling myself “hes a big boy, he’ll be ok!” but I didn’t really believe it. I thought “what if he needs me, what if he gets hurt, what if he is embarrassed to go potty with a stranger? … “ I wont be there to help him!!” I was so sure he was going to cry and cling to my leg when I dropped him off. All week we were reminding him “grown ups come back, mommy will pick you up when you are done playing” and I think that really helped him on the day of, because when I took him inside, he hid behind me a little, but a few minutes later he took his seat and said “whats your name?” to the little girl sitting next to him. I hugged him and kissed him bye and walked out, no tears from him!! I think I teared up a little though, how can he not be sad I left? LOL! I did stick around outside for 20 minutes and peaked through windows and doors to make sure he was ok, I know I probably looked crazy!! I didn’t care though, I missed my baby boy already! The 2nd day was a little easier, he said “bye mom!” before I even walked him inside lol. I still stuck around and spied on him for a few minutes.. ;P each day it got easier and easier, when I picked him up he would explode with fun details of his day, which made me so happy!! He told me the colors he learned, the pictures he drew, what he did on the playground, the friends he made (misty, nikki, and jessica??? ladies man??) and even sang a new prayer song he learned!

      At first I was just so bored at home alone, could I have cleaned? Yeah…but that’s not fun :p I could have gone to the store alone, but owen likes to pick out his snacks! The first day I just watched my shows and made a grocery list, the second day I had an appointment with my midwife [baby and mama are GREAT btw!! ]  the third day I sat down and finally did some work, I blogged and edited, organized and filed, then on the fourth day I decided it was time to clean a little 😉 I think I am finally getting used to being alone at home for a few hours a day!  Next week I have it all planned on how I am spending those 3 hours a day getting work done, so expect lots of blogging and fun stuff coming up.



      That’s how we survived the first week of being three and preschool!!



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