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      Tuesday Tips! – Shooting weddings while pregnant

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      I have now shot 2 summer and fall weddings pregnant! With Owen, he was born in late August, talk about miserable!! Abigail wasnt too bad, because she was born in november, but I shot my last wedding while pregnant with her at 38 weeks, she was born at 41 weeks!! Yeah…I like to live on the edge :p Anyways, I think that I should share my tips and how I survived those 2 wedding seasons with ease!! (sort of…lol)

      me at 40 weeks pregnant!



      So…first and most obvious thing is to stay hydrated!! and staying hydrated also means frequent potty breaks, so scope out the bathrooms before hand! and I’m not kidding!! LOL! On top of water, i would drink coconut water, just make sure to get coconut water from young coconuts!! It is full of electrolytes, vitamins, and yummy for your pregnant tummy!!

      next is to EAT! I don’t know about you but, when I am shooting weddings I usually have a snack around lunch time then I don’t eat a full meal until dinner [usually after dinner hours!] When you are building a human being, ya gotta eat!! So fill and fuel at breakfast!! Eggs, bacon, pancakes, biscuits….indulge :)! One of my favorite things to carry on me at weddings are Quest bars. They are all natural, low sugar, high protein bars that taste like candy bars!! And they are way better when they are warm so, keeping them in my bag during hot summer weddings actually work out well :p They also make protein chips but I haven’t tried those! I also kept beef jerky in my bag for a quick snack, along with some nuts and chewing gum! (jerky breath is really me!)

      My 3rd piece of advice is to get a pregnancy hip support belt, this one by Serola is one of the best out there!! All the standing, walking, bending, and baby growing you are doing does a number on your hips, so support them!!

      On to what to wear, I personally feel that light cotton dresses with leggings is the best option, its loose, breathable, and you can bend and squat A-OK in it! I also have a pair of stretchy comfy biking shorts that I wore under thin airy maxi dresses, because I am definitely a chafer in the summer while pregnant! As far as shoes go, I definitely recommend something with some stretch or wide width, because your feet do swell in that 90 degree VA sunshine!

      Know your limits, do not over do it! I have to constantly remind myself of this while pregnant, I am not super mom and don’t expect anyone to think I am [or am I??]

      and lastly, have a trusted assistant and take frequent breaks. I cannot stress this enough, I had my 2nd shooter, and usually brought someone else along to carry my bags, help switch lens’, and even shoot for a few mins while I rested my baby making body!


      I hope this helps all my pregnant photographer mamas out there! Happy Shooting!!! <3



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      • Lauren Swann - May 5, 2015 - 5:37 pm

        Phew! I can’t imagine photographing while you’re pregnant! Thanks for sharing these tips!ReplyCancel

        • admin - May 5, 2015 - 10:03 pm

          haha hey it wasnt easy, but so worth it!! Thanks for the comment!ReplyCancel

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