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      2015 New Years Resolutions!



      Hi all!!

      I am finally getting the hang of this mom of 2 thing :p So my blog posts will be back to posting regularly! 2014 was a GREAT year for my spiritual life, family life and business life, so i can only imagine what 2015 has in store for me! I dont usually make resolutions because i know i will probably fail, haha! But this year I’ve decided to make some and try my hardest to stick to it, Im feeling motivated, but it could be the delusional feeling of lack of sleep + 4 cups of coffee i had this mornin.. šŸ˜‰

      1. Lose this baby weight!! Abigail sure is a cutie, but she didnt leave me looking as cute, gotta get on that! ha!

      2. Further my relationship with Christ. I want to do more, be more active in the church and in my bible, i want to be a witness, a loving friend and a lending hand, I want to help more people than I’ve ever helped before and spread Gods love everywhere I go!

      3. blog more! This one is tough for me, im not the best writer!

      4. Further my education in business and photography. There is always room for improvement, running a business is not easy, especially with two kiddos!

      5. Be a better wife. My husband is great, loving, caring, and loyal. A lot of times IĀ dont realize until its too late, just how great he is! I WILL be more supportive, understanding, and patient. Especially through his last year of college [finally!!]

      6. Be a better mom. I feel like I fail at my motherly duties daily, instead of sitting here IĀ could be doing some fun pinterest craft with my 3 year old, I need to work on paitence with Owen, he misses being the only child and sometimes i miss it too, because we spent so much time together. I will be a better more active and understanding mom!


      7. Be a better friend. I dont have many people that I call a good friend, but the ones i do, i promise i will be better at my friendly duties! Be available and non-judging, lend a shoulder, and an ear! Be more supportive as well!

      NOW – For the good stuff….Sharing some picturesĀ of my sweet babies!!! <3




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