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      Dreaming of a warm day – Summer wedding blog feature!!


      Its too dang cold here, ya’ll!! I mean 6 degrees this morning, not even snowing, just pure icey cold!! So to warm myself up mentally, im sharing a beautiful summer wedding by a lake!! I dont usually cry at weddings anymore, but man this one made me tear up like crazy!! So many symbolic things they did for eachother, love it!!

      Carissa’s smile itself is just so warm and inviting, the love her and Kevin have for eachother is radiant, seeing them together instantly makes you feel all warm and cozy inside 🙂 I just <3 them!

      The ceremony was so personal and intimate, and they wanted to share that intimacy with their friends and family, it was just beautiful. Worshipping God, praying, singing old hymns, and a really intimate foot washing was probably my favorite part of this whole wedding. I felt like i was attending a revival with my very own family and friends.

      Carissa’s parents are missionaries who have traveled everywhere, Carissa and Kevin have both traveled a ton doing God’s work, and continue to do so in their marriage today! Thats why a travel themed wedding was only appropriate!!

      When i think about Kevin and Carrisa’s wedding day, i think of God’s love, warm sunshine, cool breezes, and a whole lotta love!! Enjoy!! <3




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