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      A letter to the boy who made me a mom on his birthday!


      owen at 4 months, 1 year, 2 years and 3 years old 


      Dear Owen,

      I cannot believe you are 4 years old. 4….FOUR!!! Where has the time gone?! I look at you and I still see that small 8lb2oz baby born during hurricane Irene, I look at you and I see chubby cheeks and chubby thighs, soft fuzzy hair, a goofy toothless grin, a baby. I want to cry thinking about how much you are changing right before my eyes, you are such a good boy! Polite, funny, *almost* always says please, thank you, and excuse me. You are such an adventurer, always wandering and getting lost in your own little Owen world. You are so curious about life, about love, about Jesus, you ask us so many questions that sometimes we can’t even answer. So many thoughts going on in that curious mind of yours!! Tonight before bed, you told me that God will make you a grown up one day, and that you wish it was on your 4th birthday, and that you cannot wait until you are grown. I tried to tell you to enjoy being a kid, and laugh and have fun and get dirty and play outside, you still said you want to be a grown up! 🙁 I teared up a little, I don’t want you to grow up! I want to bottle up you and your beautiful messy toddlerhood and never let it go!! You love competition, you get that from your daddy :p and our favorite thing to do as a family is play board games. You are a good winner, but you are also a good “loser” and you always tell me “good job mom!” when I win the game. Your favorite thing right now is a mix between Taekwondo, preschool, and learning about Jesus. You love God so much and are always talking about Him, to Him, and worshipping Him. Today while I was cooking dinner you were downstairs playing with your Octonauts toys, singing “open up the Heavens” at the TOP of your lungs. I smiled, because thats who you are. You love music, you love to dance, to sing, to shake it! Your laugh is contagious, your smile is so big, it literally lights up the room. I can never be mad or sad for long when you are around. You are a sensitive boy, your feelings get hurt easily, but you are like your mama, and you love to “talk it out” and never stay mad or sad for very long and I do love that about you too, because I see me in that part of you. You may only be 4 but your soul feels much older and wiser. You have taught us so much about life, you have brought us closer to each other, YOU made us parents. Abigail admires you, she loves you so much, she looks to you for help and attention, she looks to you for affection and encouragement when she tries something new… & you give it to her!! I’ll admit, sometimes a little TOO much affection, which she isn’t fond of, haha! You have a “let me try it first” attitude, but you are humble enough to ask for help if you figured out you need it. You are quick to apologize and make up, and you always say “I forgive you” when someone says they are sorry. Your hugs are so big and warm, sometimes i forget I’m hugging a toddler!! I love to lay in bed with you, humming and quietly singing songs, while you play with my hair and kiss me on the shoulder before rolling over to sleep, you are the best snuggler ever! I will miss that when you are older and no longer want to snuggle with your mommy. I pray for the man you will become one day. I pray you will be a kind giver, a loving husband, a devoted father and most of all, have a close relationship with Jesus, and always follow His lead.  Here is to year 4, Owen Ray! We love you!!!


      Daddy, Mommy, & Sissy



      a few pictures from his birthday morning!! <3 <3









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