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      Kickshaws Downtown Market – Fredericksburg Small Business Saturday!

      Hey guys! I am starting a “small business Saturday” series where one Saturday a month I will feature a local business that I LOVE! Kicking off the series with a shop called Kickshaws 🙂

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      Ever wish there was a place you could go to get organic foods, local foods, all natural cleaning products, farm fresh eggs and meat? What about local yummy delicious wine to drink with that organic beef or pork? Well I got good news for ya!! I had the chance to visit and photograph Kickshaws Downtown Market in Fredericksburg, VA! This adorable little market is owned by Kathy who has done a phenomenal job finding and testing the best products to sell!! Her and her little family run this business together, they make “grab and go” lunches EVERYDAY that are healthy, and gluten free! She bakes cupcakes [the peaches and cream is SO GOOD!] that are made from wholesome ingredients and are also gluten free, they are even getting their own home-brewed kombucha ready to sell soon enough! Please, read all about Kickshaws below!

      There is even some amazing history here in this building! There are records stating the building was owned by a William H. Thomas in 1870! When I asked Kathy why she had decided to open an organic market, she told her about her struggled with health that she battled for years. The only way she found relief was through dietary elimination, which led to naturally sourcing their family’s food, which then led to the start of Kickshaws! A organic market serving the fredericksburg area, helping others and helping the local community! I have been curious about the name “kickshaws” since I first discovered this awesome market, so I had to ask where the name came from! Kathy responded “We were really looking for a name that somewhat spoke about out products (natural, wholesome, organic) without sounding snooty. A friend was spitballing names with me and saw the word “kickshaws” which is “a tidbit or delicacy, especially one served as an appetizer or horsd’oeuvre.” As in “I am going to run in that shop and grab a little kickshaw.” We just felt it was catchy, talked about the market and was a great talking point.” And I have to agree, it’s catchy!! :p


      kickshaws building back in the 1800s 


      The address is 101 Williams st right in downtown Fredericksburg, as I walked into this old old building with that adorable downtown charm, was greeted with fresh rustic decor and bright, beautiful paint colors! It was so refreshing! I started looking around and immediately fell in love. There are so many options for natural products, from homemade local soaps from Eastham Farms Mellifera Homestead, and Virginias First Tea Farm, to local wines from Rogers Ford Winery (they do free tastings here too!),  to local pasture raised meats from Lockhart Family Farm, and Slow Grown in Virginia! They sell fresh baked goodies like cupcakes and muffins, and they are ALWAYS gluten free! She also makes vegan and dairy free options too, i mean..this woman is amazing!! 



      I am SO SO SO excited to hear about Kickshaws Kitchen that should *hopefully* be opening in November, right next door! It will be a place to eat local foods, with a variety of menu options and even a place for them to host classes and special events, like tastings and their gluten free pancake day! (every 2nd Saturday of the month by the way – we are going!!) Keep a look out for Kickshaw Kitchen events on their Facebook Page, they will be hosting some to talk about all the kitchen has to offer, Im super excited about this!


      I encourage everyone to go and check out this awesome store, I fell in love and am so excited to do some regular shopping here, support our community, small businesses and local farms, as well! And the cupcakes are SO GOOD! I totally ate 2 in one sitting :/ lol! Here are a few more images of Kickshaws!!







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