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      Date 1 of 52 – Dating Your Spouse – By Dan

      Hey guys! So we went on our first date, and had a BLAST! Dan wrote the blog post so ill leave it here to share, he will be posting the blogs every week 🙂 We will also be sharing the time it took and the cost, as most of our dates are going to be cost effective simple ways to connect!

      Week 1 of 52

      Date: Bookstore/Coffee Shop

      Cost: $7

      Time: 2hrs

      Sam and I drew four cards for this months dates. We had to put a few cards back and redraw mainly because some of the dates are better suited for warmer seasons. Out of the four cards, we chose to go with the bookstore date because of our babysitter availability for this week. It felt like a good quick date. We chose Barnes and Nobles books store which is not too far from where we live and since it has a coffee shop attached we thought it would be fun to add that in.


      I was excited about going to a bookstore, I love books! However, I’m not going to lie, I thought it would be an awkward, or dare I say, a lame date. I mean what could you possibly do at a bookstore to connect? When we got there we began walking down the rows in the bookstore, holding hands. We browsed through the books, and conversations just started. We came up to the travel section and looked at different places and talked about where we would like to go and sites we would like to see. I found out she wanted to visit places like Ireland, and I’m more into the tropical scene. We walked into the hobby and DIY section and picked up a few books and sat down. We flipped through the books and talked about our dream home and projects we would like to do. I found out that bookstores are just filled with conversation starters and a great place to learn more about your spouse. We held hands and we laughed and I made it a point to do things for her that I used to do when we were dating. I opened the car door for her and she laughed, but she thought it was sweet. She felt that I was trying and thats what your spouse needs, to know that you’re trying. It didn’t come naturally because it isn’t in the “routine” anymore, but once you repeat the “unnatural” tasks, it begins to become natural again.


      When we were finished looking at books we ordered coffee and shared a dessert. We sat and just talked. I don’t even remember what it was we talked about, but what I do remember is that we got to spend uninterrupted time connecting with each other and having adult conversation. We both really enjoyed our time alone together and it was a great start to our commitment this year to date each other again. I really felt connected with my wife and I’m looking forward to next weeks date!





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