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      Dating Your Spouse by Dan – DATE 2 of 52

      Hey guys! Guess what?! ITS SNOWING!!! YAY! Our next date has been changed because of the snow, so we might do something fun with the snow as our 3rd date 😀 Here is dans post!


      Week 2 of 52

      Date: Board Games

      Cost: ~$20 or FREE [if you have a game already!]

      Time: However long you can stay up :p [we made it to 930 lol]



      Week 2 of our 52 week date night challenge was one that Sam and I both really had fun with. Although we did spend $20, it doesn’t really require any money or babysitter. We had a board game night! Sam and I teamed up on Saturday night and got the kids to bed early. Our son Owen was the toughest to get in bed, but consistent reminders of what was coming next helped prepare his mind for getting to bed and without a fight. Our daughter Abigail did wake up a couple of times during our date night, but luckily it wasn’t too difficult to get her back to sleep and we were back to having fun together. Before we got started we decided to make a little snack together. We baked pepperoni in the oven to make some pepperoni chips and we also made a cheese sauce to dip them in. We chose to purchase a game that we both played when we were kids and I’m sure you are familiar with, and thats the game called LIFE. The date could be free if you already have board games. The only board games that we owned were children’s games for young kids. We had a lot of fun reminiscing and playing a game we used to play when we were younger. It got pretty competitive especially after Sam won the first time, I was determined to win the second round, which I did!! I also got the bragging rights of being a brain surgeon twice in a row. It was a fun night together, and I would definitely do this one again. I wanted to share one more thing before I wrap this up. Two different leaders of our church mentioned something this weekend that really made sense to me and I wanted to share it with you all. It sort of goes along with what I said last week. In their own words they said do not choose to love your spouse based on feelings, because there are some days that you may wake up and not feel like loving your spouse. Instead, choose to love your spouse daily because that’s the commitment you made, then the feelings will follow. I hope everyone stays safe during the snow storm we are about to have, which should also make this weeks date both challenging and interesting.





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